Did you know?

The Utility Office offers an Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan intended, insofar as possible, to avoid high seasonal utility bills by allowing qualifying customers to make an average payment amount each month in lieu of paying the actual current bill.

To qualify for AMP:
1. You must have no delinquent billing history for the last 12 months.
2. Have a $0.00 balance.
3. Resident of the address for 12 months.

The utility office will calculate your average monthly payment amount based on the average of your last 12 bills plus 10% added.

It is the responsibility of the customer to watch their reserve for money owed. December is the balancing month for all AMP customers. Some customers may owe more than their AMP plan states, or may have a credit that will apply to their December bill. Again, it is the responsibility of the customer to monitor their reserve account.

Enrollment for AMP for 2018 will begin November 1 and all accounts must be signed up by January 31, 2018.

Please contact Shawnae in the utility office at 918-255-0277 or [email protected].