Cushing Utility Services

Utility Bill Dates to Remember

Extension Policy


We are happy to announce that the City of Cushing is now offering PAPERLESS BILLING! If you would like to receive your bill by email instead of the current postcard type, please send us an email to:

[email protected]

You will need to put the name of the account holder, the service address, account number, and a phone number in the body of the email.

You should expect to receive an automated response. If you do not please check the email address that you sent the request to and resend if necessary.

If you are on statement billing, we can accommodate you with emailed bills too!



All utility customers who wish to establish utility service must provide the following:

  • Utility application card (available in City’s utility office)
  • Security deposit
  • Service address
  • Listing of all individuals over the age of 18 residing at service address
  • Updated mailing address
  • Past due balances paid in full
  • A primary photo ID issued by state, tribal, or federal agency*
  • At least one secondary ID*
  • A rental/lease agreement, closing documents for the purchase of a home, OR other proof of address


The following are acceptable as a primary ID (provided they contain a picture ID):

  • State issued driver’s license or identification card
  • Federally-recognized tribal identification or membership card
  • Military identification
  • Federal government issued Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • Official unexpired government passport (US or foreign government)
  • Any other official US, state, or tribal government issued ID that contains a photograph (must be valid and unexpired)


Examples of acceptable secondary ID:

  • Social Security Card                             
  • State-issued birth certificate
  • Voter identification card
  • State or tribal issued hunting or fishing license
  • State issued concealed carry permit
  • Current and valid student identification card from an Oklahoma university
  • Current and valid health insurance card


If one of the above secondary IDs is not available, then two other acceptable IDs may be required.  Examples of other secondary IDs include, but are not limited to:

  • Most recent (within one month) paycheck listing name and current address
  • Most recent (within one month) gas, telephone, or other bill listing name and current address


All forms of identification must be current and valid.

*Utility office may require additional forms of identification for any customer.


All utility customers are required to provide the listed documents in order to establish service with the City of Cushing.  The City of Cushing reserves the right to deny utility services to any applicant who refuses to provide the requested items listed above.  One of the listed forms of primary ID and secondary ID, along with completed utility application card are required for all applicants and co-applicants.


Identity Protection of City Customers


The City of Cushing is required to adhere to the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission’s Red Flag Rules.  The City of Cushing has implemented processes to protect an individual’s identity. It is standard policy to require proof of identification when changing services and/or discussing the status of any utility services offered by the City.  It standard practice to confirm various details of an account prior to the release of any information.




Our office requires that all commercial accounts have the following information provided to us on the company’s letterhead:

  • A completed W-9 (if applicable)
  • Company’s Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit Number (if applicable)
  • Name of individual setting up the account
  • Service Address(es)
  • Billing Address
  • A billing contact name, phone number, and email address for questions regarding billing and payment
  • At least one, two is preferred, local contact name and phone for possible questions regarding usage, meters, etc


The individual that will be coming to our office to set up the utility account(s) will need to bring the information from above as well as a photo ID for verification.

Along with the information above we will need the following document to be completed and approved by our Code Enforcement Office:


Commercial Account Approval