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New information has been added to make staying up-to-date with our offices much simpler. Agendas for the City Commissioners meeting are now posted and the minutes will be as soon as they become available. You will find links to information on permits, fees, codes and zoning requirements and a contact list for city administrators and departments readily accessible. We also encourage you to check out the Economic Development information in the Business section... you might be surprised at what Cushing has to offer new businesses or residents.

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From the Desk of Terrry Brannon, Cushing City Manager.

COVID-19 Utilities Assistance Program


Dear City of Cushing Customer,


The City of Cushing is committed to providing assistance during this COVID-19 crisis.  Here are some key points that may help you.


  1. Please pay your bill as normal and ensure that the monthly balance is paid in full, when possible.


  1. If the complete monthly payment is a hardship, stay as current as you can with your payments to avoid building up a large balance at a later date.


  1. If you are still faced with a large balance at the end of this crisis, we have worked out a plan that will spread your payments over an extended period.  Once the state of emergency and shelter in place have been lifted by the governor,


    1. You will need to notify the City that you will not be able to pay the previous balance on your account within the next 7 days.


    1. The City will work out a contract to help spread the previous balance amount over a time period that is mutually agreed upon. 


    1. After the contract has been signed, all monthly balances will be due on your normal due dates.  If applicable, the City’s normal policy for late fees and disconnection for nonpayment will be followed.


    1. If you do not contact the City, the entire balance will be due and subject to disconnection for nonpayment as per the City’s normal policy.


    1. If you decide to move, your entire balance will be due at the time of account closure.  If you happen to move within the City’s utility service area, the City will be able to work out a contract just as described above.  


Our first priority for our customers is to deliver safe and reliable water, sewer, and electric utility services.  This has never been more important to us than now, as we navigate this unprecedented time together.  We are committed to finding ways to help protect and serve all of our customers, the community, and especially those who are most vulnerable because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


For any of your questions or concerns, you can always reach us at 918-225-0277 by phone or by email citymanager@cityofcushing.org   


Stay safe and well

Terry Brannon
City Manager
City of Cushing


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